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Everyone Welcome

Welcome to St Andrew's Church Shifnal. We are the local Anglican church for Shifnal in the Diocese of Lichfield. You are very welcome to join us in our journey of faith as we explore what it means for us day by day. We look forward to seeing you at services, activities and events throughout the year. If we can help you in any way, please let us know. A warm welcome awaits you!

Planning a Baptism, or Wedding?

Whether you want to celebrate the birth of your child, or plan that very special wedding day, St. Andrew's has a webpage offering advice and support of what's involved and what options are open to you. Visit our services page for more information.


04 Dec

Christmas Tree Festival 2021

Festive vibes galore! Come and see what we got up to in December...more

Our Spending

  • Ministry - 57%
  • Running Costs - 15%
  • Community - 12%
  • Administration - 12%
  • Maintenance - 4%
  • Major restoration works - Are in addition to annual spend

It is your kind donations that keeps the door at St. Andrew's open. Read on to see how your donations really do make the world of difference …more

Latest News
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24 Dec

Brand New Website

Our brand new website has arrived, just in time for Christmas…more

19 Aug

Choir Quietly Returns

Latest guidance - small choirs may now sing in church if proper distancing is possible. Very excited! …coming soon

14 Feb

Restoration of our organ

Our 600 year organ has been sent off to be lovingly restored back to its former glory, follow the story here …coming soon

Meet our generous supporters

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