What is holding you back?

What is holding you back? Responsibilities? Commitments? Ties? What would you do if you were free?

Nicodemus went to Jesus by night and was intrigued by him, but couldn’t quite bring himself to follow him publicly.
God knows us by name, he calls us to follow, and equips us for the challenges we face.
This week we celebrate Trinity Sunday! See you there?

Pentecost Sunday

This week we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, the coming of the Holy Spirit on a group of frightened, dispirited disciples.

It gave them new confidence, and propelled them out from behind locked doors to communicate with a bustling cosmopolitan world. God’s Holy Spirit gives us energy and confidence to live life to the full today, come and find out more!

Competing voices

It can sometimes be hard to speak of our faith, or to live out our faith.

There are so many competing voices “Look after number one!” “Don’t give an inch!” “Fight for your rights!” Can we follow in the footsteps of Jesus who said “Love your neighbour, love your enemy, turn the other cheek” This week we will be thinking about faith in the rough and tumble of the real world.

Who are your friends?

Who do you choose as your friends? What kind of qualities do you look for in a friend?

Jesus called all sorts of people to follow him, to be disciples, but he also invited them to be his friends, into a more mutual relationship. Today we welcome Revd Gnanavaram from South India to preach at our outdoor service. Bring a camping chair if you would like one and enjoy worship in the churchyard, in the midst of God’s creation.

Who are you?

Who are you and where do you belong?

We often identify ourselves by where we come from, and we sometimes divide along national, cultural or religious lines. So many conflicts arise out of these differences. But our true identity is to be known as a child of God, we are united, different parts of the one human family, like branches on a vine. Come and join the conversation!

What's in a name?

Does your name have a special meaning?

We take such trouble in the choosing of names and often they remind us of someone special, or of a family we belong to. God knows our name and calls us by name, its personal! Out of all the billions of people on this planet God calls your name! Come and find out why!

Guides and Brownies

This week we welcome the Guides and Brownies to our Breakfast Church Service, to find out something about their life and work!

Do come and share in a great breakfast from 9am, and stay for our relaxed communion service at 10.30am.

Stronger Together!

Stronger together! How much more can we achieve when we work together?

The risen Jesus charged his witnesses to share the Good News and his resurrection motivated communities of light and life in the early church. We explore the greek word "Koinonia" meaning fellowship and communion. Come and join the conversation.

Easter Day

How do you start again when life has fallen apart?

How do you trust again when your trust has been betrayed?
How do you live again when all you have loved has died?
Who will roll away the heavy stone of our loss and pain?
The answers were to be found in an empty tomb, and hearing a new call to walk his way as resurrection people.
Alleluia Christ is risen. He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

Palm Sunday

We celebrate Palm Sunday this week, starting in the Sensory Garden at 10.20am, for the Blessing of Palms.

Our service continues in church at 10.30am as we begin Holy Week together.
Do download the Holy Week Booklet – “We Walk His Way” as a guide for the week, with prayers, readings and reflections for each day, and do join us for the services throughout the week.

Breaking Boundaries: Shifting from rules to values

How many rules do we need? How many laws and regulations? How many contracts and covenants?

The problem with rules are that they are on the outside, and have to be enforced.
As parents we want our children to internalise the rules, to know them for themselves, on the inside!
It’s the same with God – “I will write it on their hearts”
Come and join the conversation!

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday: for some a day of uncluttered thankfulness, eager running feet, hugs and cards.

For some a day of longing and hoping; For some a day about loss; For some a day of wistful regret.
Whatever this day means for you, we come together to reflect our God who loves us like a mother and longs for us to know that love.

Street Saviours Descend

This week we welcome the Street Pastors to share their work in Telford.

Hands at Work in Africa

This Lent we are raising funds for Hands at Work in Africa, helping to protect children orphaned by AIDS.

Today we hear a presentation about their work that may help us to understand and respond, knowing that we can make a difference. See you there? Join us in church or online!

Who’s voice do you listen to?

Who’s voice do you listen to? The critical negative voices on social media? The cynical, destructive voices? The self-critical inner voice? None of them are true!

When Jesus was baptised he heard a voice from heaven saying “You are my son, my beloved, with you I am well pleased!” It is that voice that we need to listen, to hear that loving affirmation for ourselves. Come and join the conversation!

Should have gone to Specsavers

Have you seen those “Should have gone to Specsavers” adverts? What is your vision like?

Sometimes we just don’t see things! We overlook people, or underestimate them because we don’t really see them. Today we are thinking about seeing with new eyes and how it can change everything!

God and Science

The James Webb telescope is bringing us images from the very earliest times of creation, we are learning more and more about how the universe formed.

Nasa’s Europa Clipper will set off in October to scan beneath the ice on Jupiter’s moon to search for life. Science can tell us so much about how creation works, but the bible points us to the Creator and seeks to answer why we are here! Come and join the conversation!

What can you give if you don’t have much to offer?

Mary and Joseph wanted to make an offering in the Temple in thanks for Jesus birth, but they couldn’t afford a lamb.

So they brought what they could manage, two pigeons, the offering of the poor. Today we celebrate Candlemas, the Presentation of Christ in the Temple and we offer to God our most treasured gift, our love.

Dry January for a wedding – would that be a challenge?

The family at Cana in Galilee had run out of wine for the wedding feast, it was a disaster.

Jesus made it into an opportunity to show how God blesses us, abundantly and generously. What does God’s blessing mean for you today? Come and join the conversation!

Sticks and stones

Have you ever been called names? Have you ever been labelled?

Prejudice is so undermining. It happened to Jesus too, they thought nothing good could ever come out of Nazareth. This week it is Breakfast Church, informal and relaxed. Come and enjoy some delicious breakfast from 9am, and worship from 10.30am.

You found faith, where?

Finding faith in unexpected places!

The coming of the Magi from the East reminds us that faith crosses boundaries of religion and culture and challenges us to see beyond our own! Come and join the conversation!