Jesus’ manifesto

What was Jesus’ manifesto? What did he come to do? What is at the heart of the Christian faith?

He chose to read from the Prophet Isaiah, saying he had come to bring “good news to the poor, release to the captives, and freedom to the oppressed”. How far have we stayed true to his purpose? Come and join the conversation!

Will there be enough for me?

Will there be enough for me? Enough food, enough money, enough love?

The good things in life are sometimes hoarded by the few, the wealthy, the fortunate!
Many struggle to survive each day.
But at the wedding in Cana, Jesus showed that God’s love is not scarce, not limited for a few, but abundant and free of charge. God longs for each of us to have life in all its fulness and to know that we are loved.
What would that kind of life look like for you?

Do you know you are loved?

What difference does it make? God’s affirmation at Jesus' baptism “This is my Son, the beloved, with whom I am well pleased” is meant for all of us!

When we know we are loved we are set free to become our true selves! Come and share some breakfast before our all age morning service this week, any time between 9am-10.15am! Worship at 10.30am

Happy New Year!

Strangers from the east, Magi, bringing unexpected gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh, each pointing to who Jesus would become.

At the beginning of a New Year we look at who we might become, our purpose as a church and as individuals in our journey of becoming who we are meant to be.