Revd. Sally Day


What is your role at St Andrew’s Church and what is it you do?

Associate Minister, pastoral care, lead services, know or remember recent history of the church.

What is the most satisfying part about your involvement at St. Andrew’s?

Being alongside people in their joys and sorrows

Best memory from your time here?

My ordination and priesting in the company of Ministers and congregations of our Benefice churches.

Is there a particular chapter or verse from the bible which resonates with you more than any other?

John 3: 1 - 3

What is your biggest passion outside of Church life?

Gardening and dogs

Have you got a hidden skill?


Favourite movie / TV series?

I enjoy wild life, natural world, especially David Attenborough and Brian Cox - I like the science.

Favourite book / author?

Shadow of the Moon by M M Kaye

Favourite music / musician?

Light classical

For people who have just moved to Shifnal, what’s the best way to get started in coming to Church?

Meeting at Open Door; those with young children – Little fishes; visit fairs and musical events and chat with people you don’t know; read the Shifnal and church magazine to see what is on, and join in.