Stewardship & Giving

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Regular Giving

As Christians we know that we are called to be generous givers, and to support the work of the church.

We do not get funding from outside, from the government, or from the local council. In fact we have to raise all our own funding from the regular giving of our members. Each year we struggle to do this. We need your help.

You can support the church in one of the following ways:-

  • Donating money on the Collection Plate when you visit church. As this isn't possible at the moment you can donate securely online by clicking here.
  • Signing up to the “Envelope Scheme for each Sunday of the year, and giving a regular amount each week.
  • Arranging a Standing Order with your bank to give a regular amount each week or month to support this church.
  • If you pay Tax, to sign a gift aid declaration so that we can reclaim the tax from the government and so maximise your gift.
  • Remembering our church in your Will, and leaving a legacy for St Andrew’s Church.

If each person gave regularly and at a realistic level we would not be struggling for income each year and having to spend so much time on fundraising!

If you would like help with any of these forms of giving, or need any information, please contact the Parish Administrator who will arrange for one of our volunteers to contact you. You can reach us at the following e-mail address:-

If you would like a copy of the donation form to print off at home, you can download it here and then print off at your leisure.