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St. Andrew's Church in Shifnal offers the most idyllic venue in which to get married. With over 900 years of experience in weddings, you can rest assured your special day will have a very special place in history.

Getting married is one of the most serious decisions we make in life. As well as being a big commitment, it has an impact on family, friends and the whole of society.

The story of your relationship as a couple may have begun fairly recently or years ago. Either way, getting married is a whole new beginning for you, your family and others in your life.

We believe that marriage is the very best foundation for family life and we would be happy to help you to plan and to personalise your Wedding. To be married at St Andrew’s Church Shifnal you will need to either live in the parish, or be able to demonstrate a qualifying connection to the parish/church as follows:

  • You were christened/baptised in the parish
  • You were confirmed in the parish
  • You lived in the parish for at least 6 months at any time in your life
  • You attended worship at the church for at least 6 months at any time in your life
  • Your parents lived in the parish for at least 6 months at any time in your life
  • Your parents worshipped at the church for at least 6 months at any time in your life
  • Your parents were married in the church
  • Your grandparents were married in the church

Documentary evidence of the above will be required.

Wedding Forum - around six months prior to your wedding, we will invite you to our Wedding Forum where you will be able to meet the clergy, and organist, flower arrangers and bell ringers, and to ask lots of questions about the service. At the Forum you will be able to make a personal appointment with your vicar, and to arrange a date for the rehearsal.

Remarriage - we recognise that many today will have been though the painful experience of divorce. When coming to a new relationship it will be important that issues from the past have been properly dealt with. If you have been divorced it is still possible to be married in church. Initially, you will be asked to meet one of the clergy for an interview and complete a confidential questionnaire. The Vicar will want to explore with you what has happened in the past.

Cost - Getting married is an expensive business, and we are happy to offer an informal saving scheme where you can pay something towards the costs on a regular basis.

The Church of England has a very good website to help answer all your questions and to help you to prepare for your wedding. It may be found by clicking on the link below:-

Link to the Church of England weddings page

Please complete the online enquiry form or contact Wendy our parish administrator Tel. 01952 291532 office hours Monday – Thursday, 10am – 2pm or by email on to arrange a wedding.